I admit that I, am just a fool for you<3 (ixstarveforyou) wrote,
I admit that I, am just a fool for you<3

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And I hope this takes care of broken words. I’m broken down you know, I hope this makes you proud.

So my birthday is tomorrow and I'm very excited, I think it's perfect timing too. I am definitly in need of money, presents, and a really good day :) So hopefully my day will be as good as I'm hopeing it will be.

Anyway, school is gay except for the fact that I get to leave after 5th period everyday because I don't have a 6th period which is very cool. And I'm taking cooking, which is also very cool.

Tonight=casa vega...hopefully I'll see Jessica and Nick Lachey<33

ps. HW SUCKS! & i need to regain my tan

the girls

my baby


my bff

haha i had to get you back (look at your drunk ass haha)

oh yeah i finally got a cool scanner and printer so i decided to post pictures even though there not of the best quality
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