I admit that I, am just a fool for you<3 (ixstarveforyou) wrote,
I admit that I, am just a fool for you<3

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Thanks for the survival rags. Thanks for the soiled skies. Thanks for the fucked-up future.

So I'm extremly happy about a few things..
1. i found out my grades and im getting 3 A's and 3 B's, which is probably the best grades i've ever gotten, ever.
2. George Bush is president, yaaa!
3. Hopefully by next week I will be getting my license :)
4. My mom is going out of town next weekend, thank god!
and the best of all the oc is on tonight!!!
and I'm so happy tomorrow is friday!

So i really need to go shopping and for dumb sluts to stop getting into my buisness and creating stupid stories. I hate jealous people who try to ruin things. Hey, FUCK YOU!

P.S....Stop, your making a monster outa me!
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